Traq Data Checker Documentation

Prerequisites and limitations

A .csv file containing the Identifier(s) and e.g. names, phone numbers etc for the persons you want to look up. The csv should include the headers you want to use and we recommend having one column with “names” so you can keep track of to whom those identifiers belong.


In this example, the column “phone” holds the identifiers that are used when giving the consents, but it also might be SSN, email address, usernames etc.


This service does not require user login.

Data storage and processing

Storage is done locally, in the user’s browser. All data is deleted from the browser storage when leaving the app / closing the browser.

Directions of use

  1. Create a .csv file containing the information you want to look up.
  2. Open the Data Checker (
  3. Upload the .csv file.
  1. Submit the subdomain name, the corresponding controller name and the corresponding API key.
  1. Choose for which consent declaration(s) you want to do the lookup – click Submit.
  1. The app will return a list of which consents are given for the uploaded identities. Download the result if needed.


Example file downloaded from Traq Data Checker: