Traq services are relevant for both public and private sectors. We are working within most industries with users from more than 70 countries. Here are a few of them:

World Bridge Holding

World Bridge Holding (WBH) manages the World Bridge Tour, involving world class bridge players across the world. Consent, and thus consent management, is WBH’s legal basis for processing personal data. The documentation needs to be rock solid across several systems, users and countries. If and when a consent is withdrawn, the following processes (e.g. depublishing, deletion) needs to be easily manageable and – when possible – fully automated. In case a player is being suspended, his/hers corresponding consent(s) must be revoked and the processing of his/hers data must come to an immediate end.

Traq manages the consents, the terms and conditions as well as the player contract for the World Bridge Tour. We are also involved in developing the business platform to ensure that the architecture features privacy by design and default.

The Norwegian Psychological Association

Which consents are necessary to obtain in addition to the employee contract? How can the demands for consent management be solved within the enterprise?

After surveying the needs for consents, we’ve developed forms and consent declarations that are not (and can not be) covered by the employee contract. Using Vipps (a nation wide authentication service) for login, these forms are also pre-filled with the user’s personal data that are available through the Vipps service.

Traq brings dashboard overview to both the administration and the employees, providing insight into who has consented to what purpose. By integrating Traq with Digipost, the employees can also find their consents there.

Form examples includes:

  • Running for elections to governmental seats, boards, advisory boards etc.
  • Storing information about next of kin
  • Using photos and video of employees on the organization web pages
  • Processing personal data related to social offers and activities for the employees
  • Sharing personal data with enterprise benefit programs
  • Publishing the employee’s private phone number
  • Forward information to external parties regarding an employee’s symptoms, quarantine information etc.


Fauna is a benefit program that makes it easier for the consumer to locate resellers that offers sustainable alternatives. Fauna processes personal data for connecting the consumer with greener organizations.

Traq is the chosen platform for managing the consents throughout the service.