With Traq, you will know which consents apply to what purpose in your business. We help companies and public sector having full control over the personal data for their users and customers.

Employee consents (HR)

  • Traq provides your employees with direct access to the processing of their own personal data.
  • Dashboard as well as personal overviews makes it possible to reduce the effort needed for managing consents the correct way.
  • The organization can be sure if the personal data at hand can be processed or not. Traq offers the insight, establishes the room for possible options, and delivers complete overview in case of revisions from the relevant authorities.
  • The platform is API-based, and is easy to implement within your existing systems architecture.

What Traq provides for the data protection officers (DPO)

  • The DPO (or assigned representative) publishes the consent declarations using Traq, which presents it to the end user through the relevant service interface. When the end user gives the consent, the consent is stored in the Traq database and is accessible and verifiable for the organization.
  • When a consent is withdrawn, no longer valid, or if the consent declaration is changed, the DPO can initiate further actions, depending on the business rules. The end user will be informed of any changes to the consent declaration, and will need to consent again upon next visit to the service.

Compliance and standards

Traq is based on scientific research, centered by the consent object (the “contract”).
The platform is built according to well known standards, and manages the consents throughout their full life cycle:

  • ISO 15489
  • ISO 16175
  • ISO 23081
  • ISO 30301
  • Dublin Core
  • Noark 5 / MoReq2010