We help you keep track of your digital consents

TRAQ is a cloud-based solution that helps you to comply with EU requirements in the Privacy Policy (GDPR), both in obtaining consents for your services, but also in managing the documentation according to the regulations.
TRAQ helps in empowering users to stay in control of their data, and investing in capacity building for enterprises. It is a software for the correct use of consents under GDPR, and gives you full control over the consents obtained by your organization.

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A Short Outline Of The Service

Safety with the user in the centre.

Trust online can be scary. TRAQ is a software which creates oversight. With cloud-based services we keep track of your signatures in line with GDPR and let you choose safely where and how your data is used.

  • Data protection officer (DPO) publishes the consent requirements in TRAQ, then it is visible for client/partner or subscriber. If they approve, their consent will be saved in the service. When the consent is out of date or the circumstance changes, you will be notified and can act accordingly.
  • TRAQ will appear each time you have to consent or sign something online. These signatures will be saved in your personal file, where you can easily reach them.
  • Your data safety is our top-priority. Identity theft and duplicates is a growing issue, with TRAQ this is no problem. You can always retract or remove consent when needed.

How does TRAQ work for the data protection officer?

Data protection officer (DPO) publishes the statement of consent in TRAQ, then it is visible to the customer / partner or subscriber. If approved, this is stored clearly in TRAQ.

When a consent expires or the criterion for it changes you will be notified and can decide on it accordingly.

Statement of consent is presented on external website / service. The data subject gives consent.

Consent is stored in TRAQ and archived as a document (record management).

When consent expires or changes, the  DPO can see it and take action. It is possible to send update / change of consent through the solution.


The solution is based on research-based starting point with the consent object (contract) in the center.
The solution is based on recognized standards and safeguards consents throughout the life cycle.

The following standards are used:
ISO 15489
ISO 16175
ISO 23081
ISO 30301
Dublin Core
Noark 5 / MoReq2010

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